* Regular, scheduled annual or semi-annual maintenance

* Preferred customer status with priority emergency service scheduling

* 10% discount on necessary repairs

* 100% coverage for capacitors and contactors (over $345 in savings)

* Potential problems are spotted before breakdowns and major repairs occur

* Systems run more efficiently when cleaned and properly

* Longer equipment life, lower utility bills, fewer repairs!


$120/1 year, Spring or Fall, 1 season

$230/1 year, Spring and Fall, 2 seasons

$690/3 year, Spring and Fall, 2 seasons

$1,150/5 year, Spring and Fall, 2 seasons

(includes all contactors and capacitors!) 


> Measure power supply, check electric disconnect, fuses, and wire connections

> Check air filter or change air filter (if one is present on site)

> Clean indoor coil and drain pan (FALL ONLY)

> Clean condensation drain line and drain trap

> Clean and check indoor blower motor and blower wheel

> Clean outdoor coil and base pan (SPRING ONLY)

> Check outdoor fan motor

> Check contactor points and connections

> Check all capacitors in system

> Check compressor electrical components and pumping performance

> Test gas furnace safety controls and flame efficiency (FALL ONLY)

> Test heat pump reversing valve (FALL ONLY)

> Check refrigerant charge

> Measure indoor coil efficiency

> Measure outdoor coil efficiency

> Test all circuit boards and time delays

> Test thermostat

> Test systems temperature differential

> Test system static pressure